Walnut Grove RV Park

Privacy & Cancellation Policy

  • Quiet Hours: 10pm until 7am.• All pets must be on a leash and please clean up after them. Never leave your pet outside unattended.
  • All guest and visitors are to check-in at office, to get parking tags. Then they can park in your lot or in overflow parking lot. Do not park on blacktop or in other lots (even if lot is empty). Vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Young children should be accompanied by an adult, at all times, and never play in the road.
  • Please keep your lots clean and only store items outside that should be outside.
  • Only use our WIFI for legal purposes, i.e. you can stream movies, but you can’t download or torrent movies.
  • Late Fees: For monthly lots: After the due date, a 5%, plus $5 per day, late fee will be added to the bill. The due date is written on the bill or its also 30 days before the departure.
  • All pricing subject to change at any time. Although we will give our long-term customer 30 days’ notice. For short term customers, your rate will remain the same from the date it was reserved.
  • Cancellations: within 24 hours of your arrival will only be charged for that one night. Cancellations within 7 days and before 24 hours we will refund all but $20. No refunds for long-term guest

Notice to all guests: This property is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. By signing below the undersigned assumes full responsibility for any and all equipment loaned out and/or camp site rented, and agrees to reimburse Walnut Grove RV Park, for any replacement or repairs necessary to return equipment and/or campsite to its original condition, created by them and/or those in their party. I consent to the use of any photographs, pictures, film, videotape, or digital media taken of me or provided by me for publicity, promotion, television, websites, social media, or any other use, and expressly waive any right of privacy, compensation, copyright or other ownership rights connected to same.

Release of Liability: Walnut Grove RV Park will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guest and their visitors. Furthermore, Walnut Grove RV Park will not be responsible for loss of private property. The undersigned fully assumes all risks associated with any activity and agrees to release Walnut Grove RV Park, and any representative, from any liability which may occur.